Bicycle racing is just not that complicated. Nor does it seem that the quality of the mountain bike racing experience is in any way tied to the size of a rulebook. Everyone that comes here understands that when it comes to breaking or even bending a rule that the stakes aren’t really measured in dollars (or dollars lost). They’re measured in personal integrity.

So. Three rules;

– 1. Don’t be a dick. (This really covers a lot of ground.)
– 1. (subsection 1): are you now serving or have you ever served a USADA or WADA suspension? Yes? You’re out.
– 2. Wear your helmet.
– 3. Don’t litter in our beautiful backcountry. Seriously.

Anything else that pops up? We’ll do what’s right and what’s fair. That’s been working pretty well so far.

But pretty much don’t be a dick. Yeah. That really does cover a lot of the basics.

Refunds and Cancellations

We’ll refund anyone for any reason without penalty within 120 days of the race start. After that point we’re happy to defer you for up to two years, or transfer your entry (also without penalty and also for two years) to the lucky rider of your choice. There are some incredibly bad refund policies out there, even for races with wait lists. Consider ours the opposite of that. 

COVID-19 UPDATE: As you can imagine, the pandemic is threatening many businesses, ours included. Our refund policy is a bit of a double-edge sword, especially this year. It’s great for our competitors, but it really never took into account the possibility of a global pandemic. The volume of refunds we process in a normal year is substantial, yet we continue to offer the policy because it seems like the right thing to do. 2020 however? Our policy could sink the race, so we’re trying to extend a meaningful olive branch in the hope that if you can’t come in 2020, that you’ll consider deferring instead of requesting a refund. With that in mind, we’re extending the deferral and transfer period from two years to FOUR years. We’ll revert to the old policy in 2021, but will honor the 4-year term for all riders needing to defer or transfer 2020.

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