THE EPIC is a 6-day mountain bike race held in and around the backcountry surrounding Breckenridge, CO. Each stage begins and ends in town, allowing racers to stay in one place for the entire event.

In general, the race is 240 miles long and ‘features’ roughly 40,000′ feet of vertical gain (and loss!) Courses get tweaked from year to year as new trails get built, decommissioned or authorized.


The 2017 courses feature some notable additions and changes. In general, we’ve add miles of new trail and terrain each year. never before seen in the Epic’s 6 years of existence. Almost every bit of it singletrack. Click the link below to access GPX files, lo-res maps, high-res maps, some big-ass maps and written course descriptions.

Clear expectations help get out in front of anxiety, so file what we’re about to say under that heading; this race takes place on our public lands, the face of which is ever changing. Some of those changes happen on the fly at the request of our permitting partners. Others happen simply to keep you safe and mitigate risk. Will the courses be EXACTLY as conveyed in the GPX files? Well, mostly. What we CAN guarantee is that they’ll be well within a very narrow margin of error each day and that they’ll be marked up like a frat boy passed out next to a bowl of Sharpies.

You want those files? Access 2017 GPS files, maps, big-ass maps and course descriptions HERE.

2018 STAGE ORDER (Date/Stage/Start/Finish/APPROX distance/elevation).  

  1. Aug 5: Stage 1 – Pennsylvania Creek  (Ice Rink/Carter Park) – 35 miles, 6000′
  2. Aug 6: Stage 2 – Colorado Trail (Lower Washington/B&B Lot) – 43 miles, 7200′
  3. Aug 7: Stage 3 – Guyot (Lower Washington/B&B Lot) – 41 miles, 8100′
  4. Aug 8: Stage 4 – Aqueduct (Lower Washington/B&B Lot) – 44 miles, 6300′
  5. Aug 9: Stage 5 – Wheeler (Beaver Run Parking Lot/Peaks TH) – 32 miles, 4900′
  6. Aug 10: Stage 6 – Gold Dust (Ice Rink/Ice Rink) 30 miles, 4800′
  7. Stage 7 is also on Friday. Bring your drinkin’ hat, your dancin’ shoes, some personal sanitizer and your stunt liver.


Please click on the links at the bottom of the page for maps, route descriptions and alternate routes for those looking to avoid the day’s stage.


The race uses a modest amount of the local network each day and is done by 2pm. We’ve listed alternate routes after each day’s description that suggest a few other rides where racer traffic will NOT be encountered.