We try and make it as easy as possible. Register early, save a little dough. Register later? Don’t sweat it; it’s a point of pride around here to produce what is STILL the least expensive mountain bike stage race in the whole flippin’ multiverse, even at standard pricing.

Epic’s refund and deferral policy is best in class. It gives you your money back up to 120 days out, no questions asked. Riders can also defer at no cost up to 8 weeks out or apply a race credit at any time to any of our oether events. Need to transfer your entry to another rider? We gotcha. You can even purchase additional race insurance for a nominal fee during checkout if you’d like. Here’s a little peek behind the curtain; none of the above-listed concessions are the atom-splitting ordeals that some would have you believe. So we choose to be human about life’s complications. Because sh!t, as they say, happens.

Sometimes life gets in the way. Children graduate, legs get broken. Loved ones undergo the unexpected. We’re not gonna punish you for that. The universe can be capricious. It clearly has a mischievous (bordering on sadistic) sense of humor.

Because of our generous refund/deferral policy, we always open our following year early. After all, we need a digital holding pen for the lovelorn, the proud parents of the graduates, and for the owners of mending tib-fibs. As we near race day each year, you’ll see info for the subsequent year posted alongside the current year.

Epic delivers the experience of a lifetime. 6 days of back-of-beyond trail riding that will put your gear, your fitness and your mental strength to the test. On-site you’ll enjoy one of the best mountain bike courses ever designed. 6 of ’em, actually…in a row.

You’ll work, eat and sweat. You’ll cuss, rage and laugh. And you’ll take home an indelibly etched memory of good times, big rides with great friends, and a sense of purpose and accomplishment. Because on Day 6, you’ll be crowned an official bad-ass. And you’ll draw upon THAT particular core of iron for the rest of your days.

Is it difficult? Yeah. Will you suffer? Also yes. But while Epic is one of endurance trail riding’s true monuments, it’s also fun as balls.

Saddle up.



Image: Devon Balet
Rider: Evelyn Dong (Juliana)


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– $10,000 purse, split evenly between pro men and women, paid 5-deep.
– Awards 5-deep in all other categories.
– Prize packs for category leaders in Epic Enduro and Vertical Challenge events.


Pro Men / Pro Women
Men 19+, 30+, 40+, 50+, 60+
Women 19+, 30+, 40+, 50+, 60+
Singlespeed Open, Clydesdale, Non-binary
6-day Solo Gran Fondo

6 DAY DUO (teams of two)
Open Men, Open Women
Men 80+, Men 100+
Duo Coed (one man, one women)
Duo Relay (team of 2, one rider daily)
6-day duo Gran Fondo 

Stages 1-3 or 4-6
Men Open, Women Open
Men 40+, Men 50+
3-Day Solo Gran Fondo


JUNE 1-12, 2022
6-day solo: $749
6-day duo: $1349
6-day relay: $1049
3-day solo: $449

JUNE 13 – AUG 21
6-day solo: $799
6-day duo: $1399
6-day relay: $1099
3-day solo: $499

AUG 22 – OCT 30
6-day solo: $899
6-day duo: $1449
6-day relay: $1149
3-day solo: $549

OCT 31 – JAN 29
6-day solo: $999
6-day duo: $1499
6-day relay: $1199
3-day solo: $599

JAN 30 – APR 2
6-day solo: $1049
6-day duo: $1549
6-day relay: $1249
3-day solo: $649

APR 3 – AUG 13
6-day solo: $1099
6-day duo: $1599
6-day relay: $1299
3-day solo: $699


All race entries include (per person)

  • $100 credit in Breck Epic Castelli Online Store
  • $25 credit on on-site apparel store
  • Personalized number plate
  • Three aid bags (and daily transport of bags to aid stations)
  • Aid station energy food & electrolytes (GU Energy Labs)
  • Final awards banquet: Stages 1-3 riders = Mex ‘n Margs, Stages 1-6 and 4-6 @ Beaver Run
  • Finisher’s award
  • BMF belt buckle (must complete all 6 stages as solo or duo rider)
  • Full support on course (stocked aid stations and finish station)
  • Daily foot rub (from Dax Massey). Redeem 6 foot rub coupons for ONE back rub.
  • All racers receive a professional photo portrait and custom photo mat



There are some terrible refund policies out there. Ones that don’t acknowledge that life sometimes gets in the way, or that the universe sometimes twirls its mustache and sends humans spinning in other directions. We’ve always tried to be as flexible as possible and offer a more humane take.

Epic participants who register but find themselves unable to participate have four options.

Refunds will be given in full up to 120 days out from DAY ZERO (packet pickup) which is August 12, 2023. This makes the final date for 2023 refunds Friday, April 14, 2023. No refunds will be issued after this date.

Riders may transfer or sell their entry at no cost up until DAY ZERO (August 12, 2023.)

Participants may defer their entry for up to one year with no penalty up to 8 weeks out (Saturday, June 17, 2023.) After June 17th, riders will be issued a generously discounted entry to Epic 2024 according to the following schedule:

  • Aug 15, 2022-June 17, 2023: no charge for deferral
  • June 18-30, 2023: 80% discount
  • July 1-31, 2023: 50% discount
  • August 1-12, 2023: 25% discount
  • Aug 13, 2023 forward: participants are guaranteed a position in Epic 2024 but must remit payment for entry

Alternately, riders may opt to apply their entry in a one-to-one exchange with any other Epic-operated event. At the moment, this includes only the Vail 100, but stay tuned…we’re hatching plots for 2023 and expanding the portfolio.