We try and make it as easy as possible. Register early, save a little dough. Register later? Don’t sweat it; it’s a point of pride around here to produce what is STILL the least expensive mountain bike stage race in the whole flippin’ multiverse, even at standard pricing.

Epic’s refund and deferral policy is best in class. It gives you your money back up to 120 days out, no questions asked. Riders can also defer for up to two years, at any time with no monetary penalty. Need to transfer your entry to another rider? We gotcha. You can even purchase additional race insurance for a nominal fee during checkout if you’d like. Here’s a little peek behind the curtain; none of the above-listed concessions are the atom-splitting ordeal that some would have you believe.

So we choose to be human about life’s complications. Because sh!t, as they say, happens.

Sometimes life gets in the way. Children graduate, legs get broken. Loved ones undergo the unexpected. We’re not gonna punish you for that. The universe can be capricious. It clearly has a mischievous (bordering on sadistic) sense of humor.

Because of our generous refund/deferral policy, we always open our following year early. After all, we need a digital holding pen for the lovelorn, the proud parents of the graduates, and the mending tib-fibs. As we near race day each year, you’ll see info for the subsequent year posted alongside the current year.

Epic delivers the experience of a lifetime. 6 days of back-of-beyond trail riding that will put your gear, your fitness and your mental strength to the test. On-site you’ll enjoy one of the best mountain bike courses ever designed. 6 of ’em, actually. In a row.

You’ll work, eat and sweat. You’ll cuss, rage and laugh. And you’ll take home an indelibly etched memory of good times, big rides with great friends, and a sense of purpose and accomplishment. Because on Day 6, you’ll be crowned an official bad-ass. And you’ll draw upon THAT particular core of iron for the rest of your days.

Is it difficult? Yeah. Will you suffer? Also yes. But while Epic is one of endurance trail riding’s true monuments, it’s also fun as balls.

Saddle up.



ON-site Registration – 2022
Available until 9pm on Saturday, August 13 at 9pm. 3-day riders participating in stages 4-6 may register until 8pm on Tuesday, August 16, 2022






$10,000 purse, split evenly between pro men and women, paid 5-deep.

Awards 3-deep in all other categories.

Price packs for category leaders in Epic Enduro and Vertical Challenge events.


2023 information listed below





All race entries include (per person)

  • Epic jersey (Castelli)
  • Breck Epic race t-shirt
  • Epic socks (Swiftwick)
  • Personalized number plate (Plate King)
  • TWO personalized insulated water bottles (Polar Bottle)
  • Three aid bags (and daily transport of bags to aid stations)
  • Aid station energy food & electrolytes (GU Energy Labs)
  • Final awards banquet
  • Finisher’s award (must finish event)
  • Full support on course (stocked aid stations and finish station)
  • Daily foot rub (from Kevin Dixon). Redeem 6 foot rub coupons for ONE back rub.
  • Swank belt buckle (6-day racers finishers ONLY).
  • All racers receive a professional photo portrait


We’ll refund anyone in full for any reason whatsoever up to 120 days out from Day ZERO (packet pickup) of that year’s race. If your plans change or life gets in the way after that, we can offer you a deferral that’s valid for up to two years OR the ability to sell/transfer your entry. If we sell out, we can help you move your entry once we get on a list. There are no additional fees for any of these three contingencies, but please be aware that the modest processing fees charged by our online registration partner are non-refundable.