Had enough of the babbling on this site (but think you might be able to stand us for 6 days next August?)

2016 Registration? OPEN until midnight, August 10! Head HERE.

Interested in 2017? It doesn’t get any cheaper than right now. Sign on the dotted line for 2017¬†(race dates: August 13-18, 2017) and get a super sweet early bird discount!


Two of these suckers for 2016. Both must be signed on site prior to bib pickup. Coming in late? Sign, scan (or digitally sign) and email to us, please. No exceptions. Nada. None. Niente. Billy can’t pick up your bib for you. Nor can the missus. Or your pappy.

Learn ’em. Love ’em. Sign ’em.

Breck Epic Waiver – 2016

Breck Ski Resort Waiver – 2016