Let’s Make a Deal, Friend

We’ve always offered a thoughtful discount for military and locals. This year we wanted to extend that a bit to include EMT’s, first responders and teachers (a group that’s criminally overworked, underpaid and on occasion, targeted by military grade weaponry). Feel free to pass these codes along. Unfortunately, they are NOT retroactive (that means that you can’t apply a coupon code to an existing registration).

Military/EMT/First Responder – 25% off thru Aug 2, 2018
Valid for 25% off for all active firefighter, EMT and first responder personnel, plus current or past military. Must present proof of employment or service at packet pickup. Head HERE and use coupon code

Locals – 50% off thru Aug 2, 2018
Valid for 50% off any Epic 2018 entry. Why? Because ya gotta take care of your community. Must present driver’s license with Summit or Park County address at packet pickup. Head HERE and use coupon code ZLPride

Teachers – 25% off thru Aug 2, 2018
Some people say teachers are overpaid. Those people are idiots. See the connection? Teaching is the most underpaid, under-respected profession in our country. So we’re gonna do them a solid. We’ve giving 25% off to all educators. Must present a valid teacher’s certificate at registration. 
Head HERE and use coupon code MrHand

St. Patty’s Day! – 15% off thru March 31, 2018
Feeling left out? Here’s one for everyone that doesn’t fall into any of the above categories. It’ll provide 15% any entry, but is only valid until this Sunday night (March 18th) at midnight in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. 
Head HERE and use coupon code LuckyCharms

Check back once in a while. You never know when your lucky number might come up. You might also consider volunteering – work with us for 6 days this year and your entry next year is free. Stay tuned for more volunteer info.