There’s a category of items that we always think of under the heading “Things I wouldn’t ride my bike without.” At the top of that list are things like a helmet, water, bluetooth speaker, slice of cold pizza, etc. Among that upper tier is reliable and dependable sealant. The folks from Orange Seal deliver just that. They win sealant shootouts time after time and just keep improving the entire tubeless experience with subvarieties that include their original formula, an endurance variant and SubZero, their cold weather version. Their VersaValve stem is a thing of beauty and simplicity. Know this: Breck Epic laughs at your wheel setup. Having Orange Seal on board lets you laugh right back. Look for the Orange Seal crew in Epic’s Athlete Village.

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A crown jewel among Colorado’s outdoor brands, Yeti is rider-owned and driven. They’ve claimed the top step of mountain biking’s competitive cathedrals again and again. Like Epic, they’re pure Colorado. Throughout their history, they’ve ignored the adults in the room and stayed true to their own North Star. They do the right thing simply because it’s the right thing. Yeti’ support makes Epic better for its riders. Their dedication to the mountain biking experience mirrors our own. Their crazy matches our crazy. They’re a turquoise-tinted agent of chaos. For more about Yeti Cycles, please visit YetiCycles.com.


Wanna know what the Epic really is? For us on the production side it’s a prolonged sleep-deprivation contest. For the athletes? It’s a 7-day recovery contest punctuated by six 40-ish mile sections of high alpine singletrack awesomeness. The good folks at GU hustle their honeybuns over from an event on the other side of the Ten Mile Range, delivering an embarrassing cornucopia of goodies to help our athletes perform at their peak, and recovery so that can strap it on the next day. Chapeau, GU. You rock.

POC. Stylish. Safe. Light. Elegant. High-tech. Minimalist. Beautiful. 100% bad-ass. Incredibly thoughtfully designed helmets and gear (OMG…the gear!) spanning the full spectrum from road to full-on DH. Lots of brands aspire to be Apple. POC is Apple. The preferred choice of Epic’s marking and course crew (who F-ing slay.) POCSports.com

Our exclusive physical therapy partner, Avalanche staff strives to provide relief for Epic racers from the aches and pains of their strenuous 6-day efforts.

They treat a wide range of conditions, disorders and injuries, working with riders to overcome ailments in order to achieve that belt buckle.
Pioneering progressive treatments, Avalanche uses science and their background as athletes and riders to keep our people safe, on their bikes and on the start line.


It’s not often than a partnership evokes an unprecedented level of stoke with both athletes and production staff alike, but we think it’s safe to say that our marriage to Castelli and their position as the Epic’s official merchandise partner is something that’s got everyone’s drawers in a pinchy bundle. Our design team and theirs work hard each year in an effort to produce the best Breck Epic jerseys EVER. With them at our side, we offer bib shorts, arm and knee warmers, rain jerseys and thermal jackets. Stay tuned and see what sort of magic we can cook up with the kids from Castelli’s Servizio Corse custom program!

Our premier medical partner, Vail Summit Orthopaedics is on hand to address the very simple fact that Epic is a recovery contest. The VSO crew serves as the 2nd layer (out of four) of our medical support system. You can find their PT’s on site each day assisting with massage and bodywork, wound care (it happens) and everything else necessary to help our athletes make it through the week. They are a tremendous service addition to Epic and an enormous asset to the whole field.





Beaver Run Resort: official lodging partner!  You’ll have access to great lodging, but all nightly rider meetings, an on-site spa, restaurants, bars, banquets and hot tubs, pools and outdoor firepits.  It’s all in one place – and easy to navigate.  Click here for the Beaver Run Resort – Breck Epic Lodging Portal for specifics for Breck Epic participants – there are special rates available and all amenities in one place.


We have a tradition here at the Epic (many of them, actually). But where partners are concerned, we align with only the best. Why? Because it’s a lonnnng race. And the goods need to be, well…good. No. Actually, they need to be better than that. That’s why we selected Swiftwick as our sock partner. By mutual agreement, they (along with their 200-needle knitting machines) make the best, longest lasting and most technically advanced socks available. Nothing but the best for you monkeys.

...and it goes without saying

…that the Breck Epic simply would not happen without copious amounts of patience, indulgence and good humor on behalf of the United States Forest Service, the Summit County Open Space Department, the Town of Breckenridge and the Town of Breckenridge Open Space Department. Plus more private landowners thank you can possibly imaging who’ve all generously given their permission for the race to take place on their property. These lands are your lands (except the private parts…or private lands I guess).

Ride ’em. Live ’em. Love ’em. But mostly, leave ’em how you found ’em…or better.