SRAMOur official component partner and presenting sponsor since 2013, SRAM provides unparalleled support on site for Epic athletes. 1X, baby. You will be assimilated. With a big goofy no-front-mech grin on your face. And as is that’s not enough, SRAM brings RockShox, Avid and Truvativ cousins to the party.

The SRAM team are more than partners – they bring rider assistance that’s invaluable and unequalled, plus a cast of ambassadors and techs that add volumes to the event. When it comes to Epic’s “Best in Class Partners” philosophy, SRAM sets the bar.

SCB_STACKED-LOGOWith us from the beginning. From the Blur, Tallboy and Bronson and now the 5010 and Hightower (plus a rad Nomad or two thrown in for good measure.) SCB has provided bikes and frames over the years that serve as neutral support rigs for riders in need. For most, it’s like being upgraded to an F1 open-wheeled thunderbolt chucking partyboy demon. We mean that in the awesomest way possible.


Wanna know what the Epic really is? For us on the production side it’s a prolonged sleep-deprivation contest. For the athletes? It’s a 7-day recovery contest punctuated by six 40-ish mile sections of high alpine singletrack awesomeness. The good folks at GU hustle their honeybuns over from an event on the other side of the Ten Mile Range (that has huffily requested that we keep their name out of our mouths), delivering an embarrassing cornucopia of goodies to help our athletes perform at their peak, and recovery so that can strap it on the next day. Chapeau, GU. You rock.

ErgonErgon Bike. Designers and manufacturers of the world’s best grips and saddles. The Ergon crew has quite a few Epic loyalists, many of them participating in every edition since our first effort in 2009. If you’re looking for ways to improve the interface between rider and machine, look no further. Each element of Ergon’s designs and each component and material in their manufacturing process possesses a rich backstory – an undercurrent of uncompromising design and manufacturing excellence. 

You know what elevates a good partner to great? The willingness to lean in. Our measuring stick with all of our partners is simple; “Can you make the athlete experience better?” The fellas at State Cycling Wheels are doing just that. They loaded up the rig with their raddest new MTB hoops (and a bit ‘o the strange from the gravel and road side), drove up from good ‘ol Austin, Texas, and set up on site in a location that would ALSO allow them to get out on course each day to provide neutral support and a wheel pit. Welcome to the show, State Wheels. Way to kick ass.

coca colaKnow what riders LOOOOOOVE after a long stage? There’s nothing like an ice cold Coke, amiright? Not Pepsi, not RC Cola, not some generic  or (the horror!) organic knock-off from Whole Foods, but the real deal. Coke. Is. It. So have a Coke and smile because in possibly the best hookup ever negotiated on behalf of our riders, we’re gonna have a cold one waiting for you at the end of each stage. Booyah.

Feedback_webA long, long time ago there was a product called The Ultimate Bike Stand. It was a near-perfect thing and towered above all other bike stands. That product (and company) were purchased by a young engineer named Doug. Doug Hudson. Of the Golden, Colorado Hudsons. Doug perfected the near-perfect stand and went on to create Feedback Sports, a name and brand synonymous with a wide variety of other perfect products that store, hold, showcase, and in the case of the Omnium Portable Trainer, allow you to properly harness the chi of your beautiful bicycle. Doug and the Feedback team can be seen at bicycling’s best events nationwide and have etched an indelible spot for Feedback across the width and breadth of the entire cycling community.
HowardHeadOn hand to serve as our bumps, scrapes and mystery pain specialists, Howard Head Sports Medicine augments our already incredible medical team. They’re pioneers in their field and their presence on site is sure to help the entire field recover from the daily stress of big days in the saddle.
CastelliIt’s not often than a partnership evokes an unprecedented level of stoke with both athletes and production staff alike, but we think it’s safe to say that our new marriage to Castelli and their position as the Epic’s official merchandise partner is something that’s got everyone’s drawers in a pinchy bundle. We mean that in a “we feel all tingly inside and can’t stop giggling” sort of way. Our design team and theirs work hard each year in an effort to produce the best Breck Epic jerseys EVER. With them at our side, we offer bib shorts, arm and knee warmers, rain jerseys and thermal jackets. There may even be a few other goodies under the Epic tree. Stay tuned and see what sort of magic we can cook up with the kids from Castelli’s Servizio Corse custom program!
KaskThe sexiest, raddest, sveltest most baddest newest entrant into the helmet fray? KASK, of course. Italian design with impeccable weights and safety features to complement their obvious good looks. Again in line with our “only the best for you” philosophy, KASK will be in hand with service course helmets for those whose equipment meets an untimely (but hopefully peaceful and safe!) demise. Sort of like in 16 Candles when Farmer Ted drove Jake’s girlfriend home in Jake’s dad’s Rolls.
The chickens always come home to roost. In this case, Bontrager. Where Breck Epic worked (shoddily) for a few years before moving to CO. Keith was one of our original participants and the basic premise of the brand (inspired and practical design) resonates with riders across the globe today. Bontrager has expanded beyond the original Race and Race Lite. The brand’s wheels and components have graced podiums of the world’s most prestigious road, cyclocross and mountain bike races. We’re proud (and tickled) to call them partner in our tool, accessory, CO2 dispenser categories.

There’s a category of items that we always think of under the heading “Things I wouldn’t ride my bike without.” At the top of that list are things like a helmet, water, bluetooth speaker, etc. Among that upper tier is reliable and dependable sealant. The folks from Orange Seal deliver just that. They win sealant shootouts time after time and just keep imroving the entire tubeless experience with subvarieties that include their original formula, an endurance variant and SubZero, their cold weather version. Their VersaValve stem is a thing of beauty and simplicity. Breck Epic laughs at your wheel setup. Having Orange Seal on board lets you laugh right back. Look for the Orange Seal crew in Epic’s Athlete Village.

CyclistLawyerYou don’t have to be smart. You just have to be smart enough to hire someone smarter than you. In this case, one Megan Hottman, attorney at law. Otherwise known as “The Cyclist Lawyer“, Megan’s been successfully skewering the insurance industry on behalf of clients who’ve found themselves on the wrong end of a bike/car collision. Smart, driven and one hell of a bike rider, Megan’s also loyal, supportive beyond description and knowledgeable beyond description. So like we said, find somebody awesome…and hire them!
EVOC230 miles of trail, all of it marked to perfection. A core group of badass riders who take a LOT of pride in the fact that they’ve never lost a rider because of a bad mark. They’re a high-mileage group that beats equipment to death. And because of that, they’re discriminating about what they use. It was smiles all around when EVOC came on board. With a bit of everything to suit all needs, our team leans towards the Trail Builder pack with it’s high volume capacity and sensible, practical design.
SwiftwickWe have a tradition here at the Epic (many of them, actually). But where partners are concerned, we align with only the best. Why? Because it’s a lonnnng race. And the goods need to be, well…good. No. Actually, they need to be better than that. That’s why we selected Swiftwick as our sock partner. By mutual agreement, they (along with their 200-needle knitting machines) make the best, longest lasting and most technically advanced socks available. Nothing but the best for you monkeys.
Say hello to the new kid in town. Sort of. The winningest tire on the planet, the one that’s graced more podiums than the love child of Mario Andretti, Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt, has decided to dip their toes into the human powered waters. Their initial offerings are stunning. And they’ve shipped a full grip of them to us to help support riders who’ve made, well…poor choices. Wanna find out more? head to GoodyearBike.com!
Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss. If you’re one of Epic’s many staffers or were very, very, VERY unlucky over the course of one of our stages, your bike was likely trapped in the loving embrace of a Thule rack. In our opinion, there’s no finer rack on the market in terms of performance, ease of use, durability and stripped down badass looks. We’re partial to the hitch mount models ourselves (because getting bikes on and off quickly and safely is a key feature) but their rooftop stuff is…well…boss. Thule kicks ass.
JulianaNew for 2016? Juliana Bicycles joins Santa Cruz with women-specific bikes across the full spectrum of riding styles. With bikes as cool as their namesake, We’re gonna see Julliana team riders participating in the race, throwing some swag out to the ladies and showing attendees the latest and greatest in west coast singletrack devouring machines.

Created by physical trainer and cyclist (and industry treasure) Steve Mathews, Chamois Butt’r is the Official Chamois Cream, Embrocation, Kit and Skin Wash partner of The Breck Epic. NOT protecting your groceries/peas-and-carrots/lady business area during a 6 day event is insanity. Lok for the CB folks on site, in goodie bags and on course. They’ll have product on hand including their women’s version (HER) and their incredible Skin Wash and Kit Wash. Better yet, visit their site to take a stroll through their range of offerings that deliver performance by providing comfort.

PeakDo you fall somewhere along the spectrum from anxious to terrified when contemplating a trip to the dentist? Me too. At least I was. Until I found Mandy and Todd Robison and Peak Dentistry in Edwards. Enormous brains and champions of leading edge technology, Todd and Mandy also possess kindness, understanding and deep wells of compassion for dental cowards like Breck Epic. With their help and good humor, Epic is back on the road to fine dental health. Qualified, compassionate, capable; Peak Dentistry. Oh yeah – Todd is also a certified Retul fitter, an accomplished bike designer and builder, and owner of Twenty2Cycles.
beaverrunlogoBeaver Run Resort: official lodging partner!  You’ll have access to great lodging, an on-site spa, restaurants, bars, the 2016 banquets and hot tubs, pools and outdoor firepits.  It’s all in one place – and easy to navigate.  Click here for the Beaver Run Resort – Breck Epic Lodging Portal for specifics for Breck Epic participants – there are special rates available and all amenities in one place.

...and it goes without saying

…that the Breck Epic simply would not happen without copious amounts of patience, indulgence and good humor on behalf of the United States Forest Service, the Summit County Open Space Department, the Town of Breckenridge and the Town of Breckenridge Open Space Department. Plus more private landowners thank you can possibly imaging who’ve all generously given their permission for the race to take place on their property. These lands are your lands (except the private parts…or private lands I guess).

Ride ’em. Live ’em. Love ’em. But mostly, leave ’em how you found ’em…or better.