About us. Where to start?

We’re the Greenspeed Project. We produce events like the Breck Epic, Vail’s Outlier Offroad Festival, The North American Van Show, The Vail 100 (why yes…it IS hard as balls) and a handful more.

One of us is a national champ gate racer (age grouper…but still a champ), one of us is the “the best lookin’ guy in this room” (according to him), another is an anal-retentive timing nerd and yet another is a massively talented and supremely snarky designer. There’s also a PR guy, a real fast pro rider, and yet one more with a disturbing predilection for esoteric chairs.

That makes 11. I think. Enough for some proper shenanigans. Or possibly even a heist.

We try to produce events that make us (and our customers) smile. Events that make great memories for their participants, that contribute meaningfully to the mountain bike culture, and that leave the place we call home a bit better than we found it.

Got questions? Sure you do. Come sit next to daddy.

Or if that’s way too creepy (funhater!) just drop us a note.