What to Bring

baletd_DSC0505The kitchen sink. SRSLY. Why? Because most of the race is over 10,000′. While August usually brings great weather (starts in the mid-40’s, finishes in the mid-to-high 70’s) clouds bring rain. And at this elevation, rain brings lightning. And hypothermia. Hypothermia brings the goth guy in cloak and a sickle humming classic Skinny Puppy tunes. Buzzkill, brah.

We have an excellent aid bag program that we encourage you to use. Each racer gets three (one for each aid station) at check-in with your bib number is printed on them. Riders may drop them off at the event tent each morning by 7:30am at which point they’ll be magically whisked to the aid stations of your choice. Think of each aid bag like a flat-rate box at the post office – whatever you can fit in it, we’ll lug to the aid stations for you.

Got stuff on your bike that’s proprietary? Bring a spare. Super-lightweight wheels? Maybe rethink that (especially on stage one). Tires with flimsy sidewalls? Well, day 1 will eat them. At which point you’re freed up to make better rubber choices. So glass-half-full and all that.

Go plain Jane and reliable. Trust us.

Aid Station Overview

DSCN2009Aid stations will be stocked with fruit, PB&J’s, water, GU shots and gels and GU Roctane electrolyte drink. Riders will also be issued three aid bags each at check in on Saturday. Imprinted (Sharpie style!) with your bib number, these aid bags function like flat-rate boxes from the post office – stuff whatever you want in them, drop them off at the appropriate drop area each morning by 7:30am, and we’ll lug them out to the aid stations for you and set them up in bib order so you can easily locate yours.  Bags will be returned to the tent at race HQ by 4PM each day.

We’ll also have modest tech support at each aid station. 

On-site Support & Wrench Plans

The OPERATIVE TERM for Epic is “self sufficiency.” The local shops who’ve been tremendous partners in the past are struggling with staffing, parts availability and burnout. That means that we don’t have as many vendors to help with bike service as in years past. This shows every sign of being a temporary situation, but for this year, plan on bringing some extra goodies to get you through the week. We’d recommend sealant, chains, brake pads, derailleur hangers and maybe a spare tire or two. Also, let’s agree to adhere to the general philosophy of, “we’re all in this together.” Lend a hand (or a part) when you can and place your faith in either karmic rewards or the belief that you’ll be reborn as Curt Wild from Velvet Goldmine, Jolanda Neff(!) or that sexy Tongan dude from the Olympics.

Contact these official providers to inquire about available wrench plan slots;
Breck Bike Guides – Nick or Sydney
Avalanche Sports – Rich or John (south store)

You can also connect with these techs and shops;
Rocky Mountain Wheelworks – BEN
Neighborhood Bike – CLAY
Elevation Bike and Ski
Rocky Mountain Underground


Shipping Your Bike

We’ve used High Country Shipping for five years and they’ve provided our riders with impeccable service. They’ll ship your bike to wherever you’d like, but we recommend you send it to Rich and John and Avalanche. If you’re using Breck Bike Guides, High Country will be happy to ship there as well! Find out more HERE.