What to Bring

baletd_DSC0505The kitchen sink. SRSLY. Why? Because most of the race is over 10,000′. While August usually brings great weather (starts in the mid-40’s, finishes in the mid-to-high 70’s) clouds bring rain. And at this elevation, rain brings lightning. And hypothermia. Hypothermia brings some goth guy in cloak and a sickle humming classic Skinny Puppy tunes. Buzzkill, brah.

We have an excellent aid bag program that we encourage you to use. Each racer gets three (one for each aid station) at check-in with your bib number is printed on them. Riders may drop them off at the event tent each morning by 7:30am at which point they’ll be magically whisked to the aid stations of your choice. Think of each aid bag like a flat-rate box at the post office – whatever you can fit in it, we’ll lug to the aid stations for you.

Got stuff on your bike that’s proprietary? Bring a spare. Super-lightweight wheels? Maybe rethink that (especially on stage one). Tires with flimsy sidewalls? Well, day 1 will eat them. At which point you’re freed up to make better rubber choices. So glass-half-full and all that.

Go plain Jane and reliable. Trust us.

Aid Station Overview

DSCN2009Aid stations will be stocked with fruit, PB&J’s, water, GU shots and gels and GU Roctane electrolyte drink. Riders will also be issued three aid bags each at check in on Saturday. Imprinted (Sharpie style!) with your bib number, these aid bags function like flat-rate boxes from the post office – stuff whatever you want in them, drop them off at the appropriate drop area each morning by 7:30am, and we’ll lug them out to the aid stations for you and set them up in bib order so you can easily locate yours.  Bags will be returned to the tent at race HQ by 4PM each day.

We’ll also have modest tech support at each aid station. Tubes, pumps, simple tool set and a small collection of wheels courtesy Easton and Continental.

On-site Support

We’ll have ample on-site support in the shape of a full crew from our new presenting partner SRAM.  Partner shops have plans for you as well – see below for specifics.

Wrench Plans

Avalanche Sports Plan

  • 6-day full race service plan $350.00 plus any additional parts.  This service includes a full comprehensive race service prior to each stage of the race. Racers may drop bikes off prior to the first stage and after the final stage for cleanup. The first race prep also includes a complete brake bleed and flush to insure optimal performance at altitude, if necessary. Service does include suspension or linkage overhauls (these items are available at an additional cost).
  • 3 day service plan $250.00, plus parts. (Same parameters apply to the 3 day.)
  • 6-day plans are capped at 20 racers.  Avalanche will take an additional 10 at $450.00.  There is currently no limit on 3 day spots.
  • Riders who need a ship to port: Avalanche will accept bikes for a charge of $15. They can be sent to Avalanche Sports, 540 S. Main St.  Breckenridge, CO 80424.
  • Avalanche can accommodate racers who would like us to assemble their bike and then ship when finished.  Call for details.  (970) 453-1461.  

Breck Bike Guides

  • $50/day includes wash, lube and general tune. BBG will also receive, build and pack bikes (call for pricing.)
  • Contact Information: Phone 970.393.9000 | Email [email protected]

Adventure Seekers / The Cyclists Menu Premium Plan

  • Breck Epic Mechanical Race Support provided by Breck Bike Guides and Adventure Seekers LLC

    • Complete Breck Epic race support $350 – Includes: Pre-Breck Epic service on Saturday, August 13th (will receive bike as well, if needed), daily bike wash and service each day of the race, final wash and tune on day 6, bike pack and ship, if needed.
    • Daily Breck Epic race support $50/day or $275 for all six days – Includes: Daily wash and tune, including day 6. 
    • On-site service at race HQ in the Beaver Run parking lot at Adventure Seekers trailer – $75/ hour emergency mechanical and part replacement service for any Breck Epic racer.
    • All bike service at the Adventure Seekers trailer will be facilitated by Breck Bike Guides mechanics.
    • On-site service location, tools, and trailer use being facilitated by Adventure Seekers LLC 
    • Limited space available so please sign up early! We will be accepting week-of signups pending available spaces.
    • Contact Breck Bike Guides or Jake Schuppe to reserve your spot today! 970-393-9000


Shipping Your Bike

We’ve used High Country Shipping for five years and they’ve provided our riders with impeccable service. They’ll ship your bike to wherever you’d like, but we recommend you send it to Rich and John and Avalanche. If you’re using Breck Bike Guides, High Country will be happy to ship there as well! Find out more HERE.