Breck Epic Massage & Physical Therapy Options

This is where the really good news starts. Katie Gilbert is a longtime local and employs a crew of badass women and men at Breckenridge Mtn Massage who really understand the toll that the race takes on a rider’s body. She and her team are the local’s choice for massage. We’re excited to have them back this year. Our advice? Book NOW.

  • $90 for 60 mins
  • $110 for 75 mins
  • $140 for 90 mins

Massage packages are also offered in 3 packs or 5 packs with ten dollars off each session.

  • 3pack 60 is $240
  • 3pack 75 is $300
  • 3pack 90 is $360
  • 5pack 60 mins is $400
  • 5pack 75 mins is $500
  • 5pack 90 mins is $600


  • 10% on any 25, 50 or 80 minute service plus complimentary oxygen during your massage.
  • Also offering ½ off oxygen to riders without a spa reservation. $2/min discounted to $1
  • 25min service includes complimentary soak in our salt /mineral soaking pool and hot tubs.
  • Use promo code EPIC23, bookable Aug 1-22.

To book, please call 970.453.8757 or visit

Also back this year is Elevated Legs, originator of the recovery boot system, a must for all endurance athletes! Wanna get your legs squozen? Jonathan is your guy. He also has a happy little dog with one of those butts that you can see all the time that looks like a little furry raisin (the butt, not the dog.)

Bingo. Vail Summit Orthopaedics will have trainers on site DAILY to help riders deal with aches and pains. They’ll also have their physical therapists each day to offer more immersive services like dry needling.

LOCATION: Race HQ at Beaver Run
HOURS (daily, Sunday-Thursday)
Saturday, Aug 12: 4-6pm
Sunday – Thursday: Vail Summit Ortho 2-6pm, Avalanche Sports 4-6pm