For the first time ever, we’re partnering to offer childcare for those who need it. The Breck Rec Center provides childcare for kids ages 5-12 from Monday-Friday through their “No School Mini Camp” program. If they have interest (5 kids) they’ll also offer care on Sunday, August 5th. You can find out more about programming and fees by heading HERE. Programming includes swimming, mountain biking, rock climbing, local field trips and much more.

Another option is the Mountaintop Children’s Museum. You can find them HERE.

Yet another option for parents with children is our DUO 50/50 Team category. This category is set up for teams of two and requires that just one team member be on course each day. This frees up the other team member to watch kiddos. This is an excellent option for parents or for teams whose riders who may want to turn longer or more technical stages over to a partner.

Stay tuned on the childcare front. We’ll update info as it becomes available!