Gold Dust Start Times 2019

Couple of parting notes;

Please remember that your banquet takes place at 6pm on the 3rd floor of Beaver Run. Come in the double doors in the back, head up to the 3rd floor on the elevator. You’ll find your images, photo mats and if you completed all 6 stages (or 5 if you got caught with your hand in Mother Nature’s cookie jar on Sunday), your belt buckles laid out for you. Bring an appetite! Also, your aid bags need to be grabbed before you leave! Please plan on arriving early enough to find yours!

Ready for Stage 6? Awesome! If you can’t find your name it may be because you’re in the Gran Fondo category. We have a simple solution for that – just find the riders you’ve been riding with all week and slot in with them. Are you categorized improperly? Again, no problem – just give us a heads up at the starting line after you slot in with your peeps. In both cases, let the timers know when your wave approaches the starting line and you’re all set!

Remember – blocking is not racing. And starting egregiously out of your ability zone is grounds for getting your hand smacked.

Have a great day tomorrow – you’ve earned it!