2020 Sanctioning & Prize Purse



The 2020 Breck Epic will return to its pre-2017 status as the world’s most kick-ass indie. No UCI, no USAC. Just you folks, us folks, a generous $30,000 cash purse contributed by our co-presenting partner, The Town of Breckenridge, and a metric ass-ton of bacon, whiskey, Skittles, PBR and singletrack.


For a long time we bashed the UCI and USAC. Not gonna apologize. We were right. At the time, at least. And then things and people changed. We (OK, “I”) was literally mid-rant when it occurred to me that the things that I’d had a huge bug up my ass about all those years were being thoughtfully addressed by a new wave of leaders…and that these were people that I actually liked. So in 2017 we clanned up with USAC. And you know what? It was good. Still probably would be, as a matter of fact.

But it was expensive.

Then in 2019, with the siren song of an ample investor waiting in the wings, we inscripted with the UCI. Because we thought that a high-level showcase of XC and endurance talent made the cycling landscape better. To be fair, for some, it probably does. But most were like “Meh.” Combining that underwhelming response from the public and the cycling media with A) our investor giving us the Irish goodbye, which in turn left is with some B) outstanding bills, on top of C) the VERY not-insignificant cost of inscripting, we decided to take a pass and go back to our roots as an independent.

Will the racing be competitive? Oh yeah. Bet you ‘nads it will. Will it be goofy, whimsical, irreverent, immature and also slightly profane? Uhhh…yeah. History strongly suggests that the best fart jokes and trophy poop stories are told in Breck during the 3rd week of August each year.

You don’t need one. Full stop.


The secured prize purse for the 2020 Breck Epic is $30,000 USD. It’s guaranteed by our co-presenting partner, The Town of Breckenridge. Everyone who’s in the money can expect to be paid on site (providing that they have all of the necessary tax docs turned in.)

We’re working on cash purse breakouts, but you can be sure that like all events that we’ve produced over the past 20 years, payouts will be equal between men and women. We should probably market that more…but making a marketing initiative out of what seems like the reasonable, rational and fair thing to do smells funny. At least to us.

In general, the Pros and Cat 1’s will earn the lion’s share of the booty. But we’ll have a few nuggets in there for age groupers, Clydes, Enduro-ers and Singlespeeders.

TBD – But the $30,000 smackers is legit. We can pay everyone in singles, in hundreds, in socks or t-shirts or in back-rub credits redeemable at Tommy and Kevin’s “Nobody’s Judging You” Emporium.