3-Day Camping Pass, Stages 1-3


3-day camping pass with shower access, stages 1-3

Processing Fee $13.74
Total Payable Amount $252.74

3 day car/RV camping pass (showers included for 2 people) valid for the nights of August 12-15, 2023.

Car and RV camping is available ONLY at the lot immediately east of the only of the Steven C West Ice Arena. The lots at "The Steve" are the site of the start of stage 1 and the start and finish of stage 6.

  • We'll have portolets, trash and recycling and potable water on site.
  • There are no hookups, but you can dump your gray and black water tanks at the water treatment plant at Farmer's Corner on Highway 9 (right across from Summit High School).
  • Showers are available in the ice rink during designated hours only.
  • Camping load in begins at noon on Saturday, August 12 for 6-day and Epicurious Stages 1-3 competitors.
  • Epicurious Stages 4-6 competitors may load in at any time the day prior to the first day of their event (Tuesday, August 16).
  • 'Lectricity? They ain't none. But you can run your gennie from 8am-8pm.
  • COST: $379 for 6 days, $239 for 3 days.

Space is limited, so plan on snuggling your rig up to your neighbors. Our camp attendant will help you. Or make you move. Or help you move with his powers of persuasion which include a molester mustache, cut off jean short shorts and a winning attitude. As hot as that sounds, that look works for him.