Epic Vertical Challenge


Processing Fee $3.97
Total Payable Amount $72.97


Fancy yourself KOM/QOM material? Proud of that lung capacity? Epic’sVertical Challenge is a second layer of timing that tracks 20+ uphill segments totaling 25,000 vertical feet over the course of the week. Participants MUST use Strava (our timing partner pulls data from their back end) and post their race file daily. Riders are required to ride the complete course each day. Our Vertical Challenge timing program (courtesy OmegaTrackR) does the rest automatically. All Epic Vertical Challenge participants receive an Epic VC tee and ranked results by gender/age. Prize packs for the winners of each category. Leaderboards will be maintained and posted daily on site and in a sortable format online. CATEGORIES

  • Pro Men / Pro Women
  • Men 19+ Men 30+ Men 40+ Men 50+
  • Women 19+ Women 30+ Women 50+