Breck Epic Patch Hat – CAMO/AMERICA


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The Breck Epic CAMO/AMERICA Patch Hat from Ski Town Allstars says, “F&ck around and find out, but yeah…I like to party.” It’s the perfect patriotic complement to your 4th of July outfit (if you’re in America) or your Bastille Day getup if you hail from France.

Inspired by multi-time Epic vet, Breck local and national political pundit Mark McKinnon, it’s also nice workaround/quiet protest for those wrestling with the complexities of wearing a red hat.

This hat is chippy. It’s ideal for quietly self-assured badasses, women who kick ass, and wolves. It’s also great for riders from any country with a red, white and blue flag which includes the USA, France, New Zealand, Loas, Iceland, Nepal, Costa Rica, Norway and 17 others that I’m too lazy to type.

Flat brim, adjustable snapback.

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Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 6 in