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Breck Epic: Now Powered by SRAM

simple-header…and Twin Six. And Thule. And Ortlieb and Chamois Butt’r and WD-40 BIKE. And Polar Bottle. And of course, RockShox, Avid and TRUVATIV, and even more.

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About the Race

Liam_Doran-8306-2Yeah. Um…about that. We ripped it off from the Canadians. Who ripped it off from zee Germans. Who live next to the Swiss.

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breckepic 917Ready for your Epic Results? Get em here.

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We’d LOVE to have you. All Epic volunteers get pelted with swag and race discounts.

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The Final Countdown:

Time to gird your loins. Because on Sunday, they’re going to need all the girdiness you can muster. Greetings Epic’ers – here are a few final notes for you as you begin final prep for this Sunday.

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I've never seen so much sushi. Thanks Mountain Flying Fish for an INSANE 3-day awards banquet. ...

2 days ago

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Amy McSizzleAnd 6 day gets tacos...I'm doing 3 day next year!!4   ·  2 days ago

Eric CoomerI could eat that in a single, solo sitting2 days ago

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PBR is for show. This here is Banquet Beer country, son. Thanks, Eddie Clark Media. ...

5 days ago

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Jim D FaustIndeed5 days ago

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A little Elevated Sports Media Breck Epic 2014 recap teaser to go with your morning coffee. Jonathan Ingraham was out shooting both stills and video all week - stay tuned for his final project... and remember, only 21 days remain for early bird and loyalty discounts for 2015! ...

6 days ago

BREXICON: words you heard used (or overused) at this year's race. Whaddaya got? ...

7 days ago

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Adam LisonbeeOverused: "smooth singletrack ahead".6 days ago

Rich Dillen"You're coming next year or I will kill you." ~ Mike McCormack3   ·  7 days ago

Michael Beck"Is that a rigid steel SS with v-brakes??????"2   ·  7 days ago

Dan DurlandYELLOW LINE RULE!1   ·  7 days ago

Peter WinfieldLaborious instead of Boreas Pass😊2   ·  7 days ago

Michael BalfeRider back!7 days ago

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