Think you have what it takes to join the ranks of the MTB Jedi? Take this simple 6-day test.

Breck Epic: Now Powered by SRAM

simple-header…and Twin Six. And Thule. And Ortlieb and Chamois Butt’r and WD-40 BIKE. And Polar Bottle. And of course, RockShox, Avid and TRUVATIV, and even more.

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About the Race

Liam_Doran-8306-2Yeah. Um…about that. We ripped it off from the Canadians. Who ripped it off from zee Germans. Who live next to the Swiss.

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breckepic 917Ready for your Epic Results? Get em here.

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We’d LOVE to have you. All Epic volunteers get pelted with swag and race discounts.

Head to our 2013 volunteer signup form for more info!



The Final Countdown:

Time to gird your loins. Because on Sunday, they’re going to need all the girdiness you can muster. Greetings Epic’ers – here are a few final notes for you as you begin final prep for this Sunday.

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One one hand, I hate you for searing this song into my aural canal. On the other hand, thank you for the opportunity to type that last sentence. And on yet another hand, that was totally fucking awesome. ...

Breck Epic no fun

Sean and I rode our guts out during the 2013 Breck Epic. The sixth day was a fun reward. Of course racing you have limited ability to capture the amazing trails…

2 days ago

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Daniel DunnI think Jarchow Karen Jarchow was actually dancing in step with the music, Hahhhh!2   ·  2 days ago

Karen JarchowWell- at least I can make some kind of positive impact in this race :) if that means dancing around like a fool, sign me up!1   ·  2 days ago

Derek ChungGreat video!2 days ago

Paul DellExcellent thanks for posting2 days ago

Gary HallPaul Dell, check it!2 days ago

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4 spots just opened up. Why? Life happened. As it sometimes does. Full refunds were given. Any takers? ...

3 days ago

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Raf De Bakkervery tempting, one day in the future... ;-)1   ·  3 days ago

Ian McKeeAre you?3 days ago

Gill SmithIt's fate Ian McKee - u know it!!!!3 days ago

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Citing a global outbreak of broken bones and fertility, we're keeping reg open for a bit longer. Why? Because we offer FULL discounts when life gets in the way. When people back out, spots open up. The circle of life. Or something. ...

4 weeks ago

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Dale YoungAnd I Would like to say thank you for being so flexible for me since my accident and new neck discs that had to be installed.1   ·  4 weeks ago

Gill SmithThe window of opportunity Ian McKee?1   ·  4 weeks ago

Amy McSizzleOh, can I replace the broken bones entrant? Seems fitting.1   ·  4 weeks ago

Glen GarsideYou're welcome Amy.4 weeks ago

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Checking our list, checking it twice. The jersey reorder is HERE! Sound off if your name should be on the short list of folks needing a replacement size. ...

1 month ago

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Andrew RizziMe1 month ago

Breck EpicPa-POW. Sizing will change for 2014 with the addition of Castelli Cycling to our program, but this will help those folks who got left without a proper size from last year. Also, a huge thank you to Mark and Brent from Twin Six for being great partners last year and even better people. month ago

Lindsay LavietesJashua lavietes med please1 month ago

Elizabeth Coe WadeCould you change Ted Wade's size request to large please? I've grown!Thank you!!1 month ago

Phillip BallYes! I'm going start checking the mail everyday.1 month ago

Elizabeth MorseAwesome. Thank you for going the extra mile and doing that! ...me1 month ago

Mathieu DesrosiersDo you have the sizing chart?1 month ago

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